Does your dog have allergies?

Does your dog have allergies?

Dogs having allergies? While it may not be something commonly talked about, it happens! Just like humans can be allergic to foods, parts of our environment, and more, our fluffy friends can too. 

What do allergies look like in dogs?

There are a few symptoms that may indicate your pet is dealing with an allergy. Some of these include: unusual scratching and itching that’s causing redness and irritation, excessive licking, vomiting, diarrhea, gas, weight loss, infections and more. 

What types of allergies do dogs get? 

Typically if your dog is experiencing allergies, it may come from a couple of possible sources. The top three most common sources are the environment, fleas/skin allergies, and dog food. 

Fleas can cause scratching, biting/chewing of the skin. Flea bites cause lots of irritation for dogs. 

Environmental allergies can come from pollen, dust, plants, etc. They can be seasonal allergies or have a more specific offender. 

Dog food 

Dog food allergies can be from chicken or beef or other irritants in the food. Sometimes grain can cause issues, but it’s not as common. 

What to do about allergies?

While there are over the counter treatments to help with skin irritation and fleas, it’s best to take your pup to the vet if irritation persists.

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