Original Formula Concentrated Gallon

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Rich in both Hemp and Argan oils, this perfectly balanced shampoo helps restore needed moisture to your dogs coat and skin by providing essential oils and vitamins which leave your dogs fur and hair softer, healthier and more beautiful than ever.

DIRECTIONS: MPC Golds concentrate formula may be diluted as much as 25-1 depending on each individual professional groomer's preference. Wet your dog throughly then ruffle their coat to expose skin. Apply small amounts of the shampoo & lather - working from tail to ears. Rub in briskly and praise vigorously!

Rinse well & repeat if necessary. For best results, use with our MPC Gold Leave-In Conditioner & Detangler.

For external use only. Avoid direct ingestion and rinse thoroughly if exposed to eyes.
Extensively tested on humans for the benefit of those who matter most - our beloved pets.
All MPC Gold products may be used on any animal with fur.