"Not Chunky Just Fluffy" Lime Green Leash

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" Not Chunky Just Fluffy" Silicone Dog Leash

The leash has a silly slogan and design to suit most dogs, and spreads canine cheer as you walk along with your best furry friend. The "Not Chunky Just Fluffy" leash might be a funny name, but it’s no joke.

 Its sturdy silicone design can withstand even the toughest tugs and pulls. Furthermore, the high grade silicone makes for a comfortable and non-irritating experience for your pet, with every walk guaranteed to be a happy one.

Product Highlights:

 Playful Name: Infuse your dog's walks with wit.

 Sure and strong: Made from high-grade silicone, this leash is built to last, built to hold your pet.

Easy to Keep Clean: The leash is made of silicone rubber so you can quickly wipe it clean. This keeps the leash in good condition and free from contaminants for the health of your pet.

Leash Length: 3 feet