Headlight Harness, Dog Harness with Built In LED Light

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The Headlight Harness is the most versatile dog harness on the market today. Highly Reflective, Lightweight, and Water Resistant. The Headlight Harness also features an integrated, focused beam LED in the chest that puts out over 80 Lumens. Not only does it light up the path ahead on your walks at night, it also makes you and your pet visible to any vehicles in the area, which greatly reduces the risk of being struck. The "No Choke/No Pull" design eliminates choking while calming your dog and reducing their tendency to "Pull Away" from their owners while on walks. The Headlight Harness also keeps your pet safe and secure in any vehicle. Simply run the seatbelt through the sturdy handle on the top and buckle it for a safe and relaxing ride.