Dog Cat Pet Grooming Hemostat Applicator Hair Puller Stainless Steel

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2pcs dog cat pet grooming hemostat applicator hair puller stainless steel.Dog, cat, pet grooming hemostat application hair puller w/locking mechanism.5.5" curved & 5.5" straight.Stainless steel.Perfect for professional bow application.Less tangling & few broken hairs.Less hair pulling (better tolerance by your pet).Much easier removal by owner.Tighter grip on hair w/out pulling individual hairs (your pet is more likely to leave bows alone)This incredible tool can also be used for ear hair removal and feels on dogs, cats and poodlesEach come in a plastic pouch to hold/protect your tool.Whats includes(pet grooming hemostat applicator)?2 pcs hemosta applicator hair puller stainless steel.