"Cutest Bitch" Blue Bath Towel

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Presenting the ‘Cutest Bitch’ dog bath towel – now you can dry your dog with style. This could be a great gift!

 Designed to excel both aesthetically and practically, this towel is made of luxuriously soft microfibre, a blend of materials that can be easily changed into a damp towel after absorbing every bit of moisture from your dog’s fur and skin. This is not just a towel.

The ‘Cutest Bitch’ towel surrounds your dog with pockets: two hand pockets that securely hold your dog and keep her at the right height while you dry her. Dogs squirm, after all, so these pockets are great for wriggling. No more wrestling with a slippery pup or carefully tucking her wet body under your arm. With the ‘Cutest Bitch’ towel, you can dry your doggie with ease.

 And the look! The sweet detailing and the bright hues and prints – this is more than a towel for grooming your pet, it’s a fashion statement. You can make your dog’s drying experience the best it can be with the ‘Cutest Bitch’ towel. It’s a perfect, post-bath, pool-side, rainy-day pet’s best friend.  Let your dog revel in luxury, because a dry dog has never looked better.