"Bark Bark Bitch" Aqua Leash

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“Bark Bark Bitch” Silicone Dog Leash

An Overview

The “Bark Bark Bitch” Silicone Dog Leash is a distinctive and playful accessory that is aimed to put a smile on other dog walkers’ faces. Besides its humorous slogan, this leash is made from good materials to ensure that your four-legged friend’s safety and comfort are met.

Quality and Durability

Remarkable silicone manufacturing the “Bark Bark Bitch” leash is capable of resisting the most intense pulls that can come from pets. The rubber stretchiness ensures that the rope endures everyday use resistance. Therefore, it has high endurance levels; hence it can be relied upon for your pet walking purposes.

Comfort and Safety

The material of the collar made by soft silicone makes it gentle for your pet skin avoiding any discomfort or irritation. This means that your dog will always have a cozy walk. In addition, it has smooth surface as compared to other materials making it ideal for dogs with sensitive skin preventing chaffing and injuries.

Easy Care

One of the stand out qualities of “Bark Bark Bitch” leash is how easy to clean it is. It does not catch dirt easily due to its silicone nature. Thus maintaining its cleanliness only requires quick washing or wiping which helps in keeping it fresh hygienic ensuring safety and comfort for your pet