Alvalley Reflective Anti-Slip Multiuse Snap Leash

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Durable nylon webbing used for the handle and leash, and reflective threads for increased visibility when walking at night. Stitched handles and leash ends with protective leather casing for longevity.

 Remarkably Versatile: With double snaps, this leash can be used for walking, jogging, multiple dogs and hands free. Compatability: Alvalley Reflective Anti-Slip and Leather Snap leash matches Alvalley Reflective Anti-Slip and Leather Collar with Buckle for Dogs. Compatible with Most Collars.

Thicknesses available:

3/4 in (19 mm) and 1 in (25 mm)

Lengths available:

6.5 ft (2mts)ALVALLEY LEASHES AND COLLARS: We started with one express purpose, to make fine dog show quality leashes for your pets. Our braiding is tightly woven with a smooth soft feel that holds strong even with frequent hard use. Get the best for your dogs from Alvalley.