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 Alpha Pak puts one thing first, above all: that your furry friend enjoys a long and healthy life. We know how important it is that your dog live a long and healthy life. An active and healthy life is achieved because the formula is made primarily from high-quality meats plus special fruits, vegetables, and flaxseed. And finally: we made this formula to support everyday fun, whether it’s a quiet walk or an exciting hike!

 Great for all breeds, sizes and stages of life, our products are made in the USA with raw nutrition that is lightly seasoned with real fruits and veggies and free of artificial additives and colors. We start with the best ingredients: grass-fed beef, organs like kidney, liver and heart. Then we add vegetables, fruits, flaxseed and beef bone, so we know your dog is getting a balanced meal.

Whether served as a stand-alone meal, or as a delicious topping, our product is sure to complete your pet’s diet! Taste the pure, Elemental nourishment, without grain and full of life – because at Alpha Pak, balance is health.