10 Oz Rawhide Chips Strips

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Rawhide Chips Strips:10 oz Rawhide Chips Strips

 Your dog will love the satisfaction of tearing apart this Rawhide chips strips, which are an ideal treat for your dog! (rawhide is 100% natural and dogs like to chew on it) Each strip is designed to give your dog a long chewing experience, helping to keep teeth and gums healthy and keeping your dog entertained for hours.

 The rawhide chips are a great treat for your dogs. There are different sizes for small and large dogs. The rawhide is fittingly crunchy and perfect for chewing. This makes them a wonderful rawhide product for your dog with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

 Rawhide chips are chemical free and 100 per cent natural, so you can let your dog gnaw with confidence, knowing that you’re giving them something wholesome when they’re feeling a bit bored or stressed out.

Made with natural rawhide, our rawhide chips strips are delicious and crunchy. Your dog is sure to fall in love with this 10 oz treat! Our rawhide pieces are the best treat for your dog - give them the best, give them rawhide!